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Atlanta Workshop 2016

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Hello! I took an in person workshop with you in your studio in September of 2013 and I wanted to let you know that the inspiration you left me with that weekend has grown so much over the past two years as I have watched all of your videos and stayed up late watching you on Creative Live. I had recently viewed your video on instagram and how important it was to market with IG, so I started posting more and tagging my work, etc. I have also been following Beauty & Lifestyle mommy due to your tagging of the bump society, long story short, they have invited me to be a bump society member!! I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for what your generosity has given me the knowledge and confidence to do, I feel that you were thrown into my path for a reason and I am grateful for you! Anyways! I hope you are doing well and I look forward to maybe doing another workshop with you one day, or whatever God has planned. Thank you so much Ana 🙂 xo!

Tamara Leach
Once upon a Memory Portraits



I fell upon your videos a long time ago, and I must say I find your videos and work captivating, making me, an amateurphotographer, want to do the same as you and make various parents and grandparents happy. Just thought you should know your efforts are being noticed and apreceated and has to my photolife made a difference. Hope it’s good to know.

Best regards.

Klaus Lehrmann



The workshop with Ana Brandt was amazing! It was located in a great studio in NYC. I came home with so much knowledge about backlighting, newborn posing and transitions. Many questions were answered and it was great to have individual attention from Ana. I took home valuable information about how to market my business and show people why they should come to me to capture their memories. I would highly recommend that photographers attend one of Ana’s workshops. She is great and so knowledgeable. I can’t wait for my next maternity and/or newborn session.




Hi Ana,

I have recently discovered your work thanks to the joys of the internet (i am in Australia). I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for inspiring me. You are very patient and always prepared in your photoshoots. Your caring attitude makes me want to be better in mine too.

Happy shooting!

Vikki Slann


Hi, I hope all is well and hopefully your week is getting better! I just wanted to thank you. Since I’ve been back from your workshop in California I’ve had a lot to process and think about. The comment I had made about other photographers and what they are charging in my area came out not the way I had wanted. My focus had gotten off tract with all the other photographers in my area. I love what I do and I just want to do more! I have been focusing on me and my business only since I’ve been back from California. It’s so easily to get caught up in the business side and looking to see what everyone else is doing and forget why I started photography in the first place.  I’ve listened to your pod cast a couple of times with Sticky albums and it has helped me SO much. Thanks again for sharing your journey in your life of photography 🙂

Thank you,

Melinda Gilmore


Hi Ana,

It was very nice meeting with you this afternoon!  Truly, I have no words to explain how happy I was to meet you today!  I had been watching your work on the youtube everyday, and trust me, I have learned everything that I know so far about newborn photography just from you!  Inside you have become my Mentor, Ana!  I became so happy when I first noticed last night on one of your videos that you are from Tustin!  I was like ‘Oh, my god, you live in Tustin?!!”!!!

Ana, photography is my passion and I have been loving taking pictures for a long time, but it’s just that I have never thought of taking and doing it seriously, and maybe, taking it professionally!  And, ever since I had been watching your videos, I really started to love newborn photography!  I want to do it seriously now!  I just don’t know how to start and where to start from! My daughter and my wife are also loving this event and wanting me to start now!  Your advise will inspire me significantly, Ana!

I must mention that we just loved your studios today — it is just gorgeous!  Such a beautiful environment you’ve created, I could tell!  I just felt like working for you there, honestly!

Ana, I greatly appreciate your kindness showing us your studio thoroughly!  I just loved this!  I was so excited to see the rooms that I see on youtube everyday!  Once again, thank you so much for all your help.  You are so nice, Ana!

Thank you,



Hi Ana:

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! for providing a presentation of photographic delight! Needless to say, those who attended SEMINAR on October 17, 2014 were absolutely thrilled with your presentation, and we sincerely believe they’ll remember this event for a long, long time.

As you know, we at TCPA share in the pride of professionalism of this renowned program by offering only the very best in Seminars, Workshops, and other professional photographic presentation.

On  a sideline note, since you are an “official” Honorary Member of TCPA, please feel free to attend any of our future TCPA events.

Please don’t forget to send me the PDF file for your presentation, so I can forward to the students that attended yesterday.

We thank you AGAIN for a wonderful Seminar, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards,

Adriana Lopez


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