Welcome to TAoPaN Workshops

Welcome to the Workshops home for TAoPaN. TAoPaN stands for The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn which is based off of a book of the same name written by Ana Brandt in 2007. For the past 8 years Ana Brandt has been teaching workshops throughout the United States and Internationally. She is also an Educator on Creativelive.com. You can visit the main site – www.taopanonline.com for links to the rest of the products and services provided under the TAoPaN umbrella. You can click on the About link to learn more about Ana Brandt.

In the past eight years Ana has taught in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy and throughout the United States. Her 2015 Imaging Program was a huge sellout and in 2016 she will be speaking at Imaging and WPPI. Each program sells out and Ana continues to travel with her family to educate photographers worldwide.

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